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Best of Koori Mail photos

These pics are those I have taken for Koori Mail over the years. It often happens that I will go to something, take 100-200 or even 300 or more photos, there will be perhaps 1/4 of those which are good enough to publish…but then Koori Mail will only ask for not more than 10-20 only to put on a double-page spread, at most! So I have some folders left of big events – such as NAIDOC in Cairns from 2006-2008 – which sometimes have dozens of never-published pics. Koori Mail has very generously given me permission to publish them here.

You can certainly tell the quality difference between the old Sony Mavica I used until sometime in 2007, before I was onto the Canons.

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Please note: Some images may contain deceased persons that may cause distress to some people. While all care has been taken to prevent this, if something disturbs you, please feel free to provide feedback to us by filling in the contact form.

I acknowledge and pay respect to the custodians, both past and present of the lands on which we work and live.

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    Best of Koori Mail Pics

    Western Cape Rugby League: 2 July 2022

    Fast and entertaining action were the highlights of two close matches in round 3 of the Western Cape rugby league competition held in Weipa on Saturday 2 July 2022.

    A well-drilled Napranum Bulldogs defeated Lockhart Scorpions 30-26 scoring six tries to five.

    In the other match before a large crowd home side Weipa Raiders edged out a courageous Mapoon Brumbies 28-24.

    Lockhart River and Mapoon shared a set of spare jerseys because their own hadn’t yet arrived.

    Best of Koori Mail Pics

    CDRL 2021 Grand Final – Yarrabah vs Innisfail

    Best of Koori Mail Pics

    Scorpions v Naps